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Founding Fathers - Howard Bremer - Supporting Documents

  1958 Reprint from Federal Register, 9-14-1955 to 1958  
  1960 Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation U.S. Patents Issued 1951 thru 1960  
  1966 Financial Support of Graduate Research and Education, 1966  
  1975 Government Owned Patents, 1963-1975  
  1975 Invention Holders, 1971 to 1975  
  1976 Background Paper to Support and Explain the Need for the Proposed University and Small Business Research Utilization Act of 1976  
  1976 Support and Explain the Need for the Proposed University and Small Business Research Utilization Act of 1976  
  1977 Hotel Reservation Form, Second Annual SUPA Meeting, 1977  
  1978 Sectional Analysis of the University and Small Business Research Utilization Act of 1978  
  1978 Status of NSF-Funded Inventions 1969-78  
  1978 The President's Report and Annual Review 1978  
  1979 AAU Federal Relations Agenda, 1979  
  1979 American Bar Association Section of Patent, Trademark and Copyright Law, Annual Meeting, August 1979  
  1979 Analysis of H.R. 5715, The Uniform Federal Research and Development Utilization Act of 1979  
  1979 Section-by-Section Analysis of National Technology Innovation Act of 1979  
  1979 Tenative Draft of 96th Congress 1st Session of Science and Technology Research and Development Utilization Act of 1979  
  1984 Council on Governmental Relations, 1984-1985  
  1984 Legislative Committee Report January 1984  
  1984 Statutory Context of the Drug Price Competition and Patent Term Restoration Act of 1984  
  1986 Federal Technology Transfer Act of 1986  
  1988 U.S. Patents to Universities in 1988  
  1989 Dependence of Industry on Academic Research, 1989  
  1990 Patents Granted to U.S. University and Colleges, 1969 to 1990  
  12/4/1957 Foundation-University Policy, 12-4-1957  
  1/22/1958 Exlanatory Statement Concerning the Patent Policy of hte Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, 1-22-1958  
  2/20/1958 WARF, 2-20-1958  
  3/1/1958 Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, 3-1-1958  
  1/1959 Supplement to Title 37, 1-1959  
  8/20/1959 Agreement, 8-20-1959  
  8/1960 University of Wisconsin Patent Policy, 8-1960  
  6/21/1961 NIH University Agreement, 6-21-1961  
  8/18/1961 WARF, 8-18-1961  
  10/15/1962 Public Health Service Patent Policy Requirements, 10-15-1962  
  1/1963 Public Health Service Guide for Applicants, 1-1963  
  6/1/1963 Patents and Patent Applications on Inventions Disclosed by University of Wisconsin Personnel, 6-1-1958 to 6-1-1963  
  10/14/1963 FDC Reports, 10-14-1963  
  10/19/1963 Chemical Week, 10-19-1963  
  4/8/1964 Affidavit of Thomas S. Lodge, 4-8-1964  
  4/14/1964 Affidavit of N. S. Cohen 4-14-1964  
  5/18/1964 Draft - 5-18-1964  
  9/1964 U.S. Patents to Wisconsin, 9-1964  
  5/27/1965 Ward Ross Meeting Minutes 5-27-1965  
  6/1965 Annual Report on Government Patent Policy, 6-1965  
  7/1/1965 Outline for Invention Report, 7-1-1965  
  8/23/1965 F-D-C Reports 8-23-1965  
  8/21/1966 Drug Research Reports, 8-21-1966  
  11/1966 Terms of Proposal for Determination, 11-1966  
  3/1967 University of Illinois Patent Committee Policy and Procedure, 3-1967  
  1/1/1968 Outline for Report of Inventions, 1-1-1968  
  6/18/1968 Requests for DHEW Institutional Patent Agreements, 6-18-1968  
  7/11/1968 Institutional Patent Agreement, 7-11-1968  
  8/21/1968 Drug Research Reports, 8-21-1968  
  12/1/1968 Institution Patent Agreement Governing Grants and Awards from teh Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, 12-1-1968  
  12/1/1968 Institutional Patent Agreement, 12-1-1968  
  12/1/1968 Outline of Proposal, 12-1-1968  
  12/1/1968 Patent Activity Reports 12-1-1968  
  7/11/1969 Institutional Patent Agreement, 7-11-1969  
  1/14/1970 University of Wisconsin Invention Record and Report, 1-14-1970  
  4/1970 National Science Foundation Determinations, 4-1970  
  2/15/1971 University of Wisconsin Invention Record and Report, 2-15-1971  
  2/25/1971 License to the United States Government, 2-25-1971  
  12/2/1971 License to the United States Government, 12-2-1971  
  8/30/1972 Patent Waiver Regulations, 8-30-1972  
  9/21/1973 University of California's Policy Regarding Patents, 9-21-1973  
  3/14/1975 U. S. Department of Commerce 8th Annual Briefing Conference for University Scientists, 3-14-1975  
  6/1975 Directory of Contacts at U.S. Universities, 6-1975  
  6/6/1975 Asilomar Conference on Recombinant DNA Molecules, 6-6-1975  
  6/30/1975 University of Wisconsin Invention Report, 7-1-1974 through 6-30-1975  
  6/30/1975 University of Wisconsin Inventions which have to be licensed, 7-1-1974 through 6-30-1975  
  7/1975 Report of the University Patent Policy Ad Hoc Subcommittee, 7-1975  
  9/25/1975 ALA's proposed legislation for providing allocation of rights to inventions under R and D contracts, 9-25-1975  
  12/31/1975 SUPA Financial Report, 1-1-1975 to 12-31-1975  
  2/5/1976 Minutes of SUPA Business Meeting, 2-5-1976  
  5/1976 Summary of meeting with the Electric Power Research Institute, 5-1976  
  5/15/1976 Loan Guarantees for Demonstration of New Energy Technologies, 94th Congress 2d Session, 5-15-1976  
  6/1976 Establishing a University Program, by Lawrence Gilbert, 6-1976  
  6/2/1976 Development of Synthetic Fuels, H.R. 12112, Wednesday 6-2-1976  
  6/4/1976 Office Memo from Robert M. Rosenzweig, 6-4-1976  
  6/12/1976 Comments on H.R. 12112 by Howard Bremer, 6-12-1976  
  6/30/1976 Report of the President's Biomedical Research Panal, Disclosure of Research Information, 6-30-1976  
  12/31/1976 SUPA Financial Report, 1-1-1976 to 12-31-1976  
  12/31/1976 SUPA list, 12-31-1976  
  1/1977 Computer Software in Education by D.F. Costello, 1-1977  
  2/8/1977 Minutes of SUPA Business Meeting, 2-8-1977  
  2/8/1977 SUPA Members, 2-8-1977  
  2/8/1977 SUPA Non-Members, 2-8-1977  
  2/24/1977 Small Firms and Federal Research and Development by Ad Hoc Interagency Panel, 2-24-1977  
  3/11/1977 Tenth Annual Briefing Conference Sponsored by the USPTO, 3-11-1977  
  4/21/1977 Text of H.R. 6249, BNA's Patent, Trademark and Copyright Journal, 4-21-1977  
  4/29/1977 Survey of University Patent Policies and Patent Administration by R.J. Woodrow, 4-29-1977  
  11/1/1977 Executive Memorandum No. B-53 to All Members of Purdue University, 11-1-1977  
  1/19/1978 Association of American Universities, Meeting on Patent Policy, 1-19-1978  
  1/19/1978 Meeting on Patent Policy, 1-19-1978  
  2/1978 Analytical Basis for The University Position on H.R. 8596, 2-1978  
  2/1978 Analytical Basis for The University Position on H.R. 8596, 2-1978  
  2/2/1978 Title 41, Chapter 1, Part 1-9, Rules and Regulations, 2-2-1978  
  2/8/1978 SUPA Third Annual Meeting, 2-8-1978  
  3/1978 Patents at Colleges and Universiies, 3-1978  
  5/1978 Budget Cuts Threaten Research, by judith Randal, Science Policy, 5-1978  
  6/21/1978 Universities, Researches Make Little from Patented Inventions, 6-21-1978  
  6/26/1978 SUPA Minutes of the Trustees Meeting, 6-26-1978  
  8/11/1978 Foundation urges Immediate Action to Make Suppressed Government Inventions Available for Development, 8-11-1978  
  10/23/1978 Planning & Development New Product and Markets Final Registration List, 10-23-1978  
  10/25/1978 Licensing and Acquired New Products and Technology Final Registration List, 10-25-1978  
  12/5/1978 Getting New Products to the Market, Medical and Scientific Section Meeting, 12-5-1978  
  1/8/1979 Section 202 Draft, 1-8-1979  
  1/9/1979 David J. Eden to IPA Mailing List, 1-9-1979  
  3/21/1979 Minority Staff Working Draft of Science and Technology Research and Development Utilization Policy Act, 3-21-1979  
  5/1979 New Patent Policy Bill Gathers Congressional Support, 5-1979  
  5/22/1979 Abstract of Schmitt Stevenson, S. 1215, 96th Congress  
  6/8/1979 Patent Policy of the American Heart Association, Inc., 6-8-1979  
  7/17/1979 Trustee's Meeting - Sheraton O Hare - 7-17-1979  
  8/3/1979 Federal Courts Improvement Act of 1979, 8-3-1979  
  9/1979 Chairman's Action Letter No. 4, Reexamination Bayh Bill No. S. 1679, 9-1979  
  10/2/1979 NSF Patent Policy in Operation, 10-2-1979  
  10/17/1979 Federal Patent Policies and Observations by Ralph L. Davis, 10-17-1979  
  10/17/1979 Federal Patent Policies Comments and Observations by Ralph Davis, 10-17-1979  
  10/26/1979 Patents Bill Gets Hard Knocks from Rickover, 10-26-1979  
  10/31/1979 Office of the White House Press Secretary, 10-31-1979  
  10/31/1979 The White House Fact Sheet, The President's Industrial Innovation Initiatives, 10-31-1979  
  11/1/1979 The White House Fact Sheet, The President's Industrial Innovation Initiatives, 11-1-1979  
  3/26/1980 Hearings on the President's Industrial Innovation Program, Tentative Witness List, 3-26-1980  
  4/2/1980 Inside R&D, Vol. 9 Num. 14, 4-2-1980  
  4/25/1980 Council on Governmental Relations from Milton Goldberg, 4-25-1980  
  5/1/1980 House Subcommittee Continues Hearings on Administration's Innovation Initiatives, The Bureau of National Affairs, 5-1-1980  
  6/16/1980 Diamond, Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks v. Chakrabarty, Supreme Court Opinion, 6-16-1980  
  10/23/1980 Text of S. 1250, 10-23-1980  
  12/15/1980 DOD Technology Transfer Activities, 12-15-1980  
  1/15/1981 Waiver by Robert A. Frosch, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 15-1-1981  
  2/5/1981 Patent Meeting, 2-5-1981  
  2/18/1981 DHHS IPA Statistics, 2-18-1981  
  3/13/1981 WARF total Expenses, 3-13-1981  
  7/16/1981 Floor Remarks and Text of S. 255, As Amended, 7-16-1981  
  10/8/1981 Comparison of H.R. 4564 and S. 1657, 10-8-1981  
  10/20/1981 Hearings on the Human Factor in Innovation and Productivity, Congressional News Notes on Innovation and Productivity, 10-20-1981  
  11/23/1981 Text of Committee Amendment to H.R. 4564, 11-23-1981  
  11/26/1981 Lipsky Speech Attacking Nine No-No's. 11-26-1981  
  3/2/1982 Witness List for Subcommittee on Courts, Civil Liberties and Administration of Justice, 3-2-1982  
  3/8/1982 Barron's Drug Patents, A Race Against Time, 3-8-1982  
  3/23/1982 Getting Back to Business, The Washington Post, 3-23-1982  
  2/1/1983 SUPA By-Laws, 2-1-1983  
  11/11/1983 The Push to Protect Patents on Drugs, 11-11-1983  
  2/5/1984 Society of University Patent Administrators Annual Meeting, 2-5-1984  
  3/27/1984 Witness List, Hearing on S. 2171 Uniform Patent Procedures Act of 1983, 3-27-1984  
  9/14/1984 Committee on the Judiciary, List of Key Members who Should be Contacted, 9-14-1984  
  10/11/1984 Text or H.R. 6163 and Floor Remarks, BNA's Patent, Trademark and Copyright Journal, 10-11-1984  
  1/1985 Cover Story, New Drug Law, January 1985 Generics  
  4/1/1985 Status of University Invention Use Reporting, 4-1-1985  
  4/15/1985 Government Data Policy Statement, Revised 4-15-1985  
  5/7/1985 Reasons Why Legislation is Needed to Amend the Patent Code, 5-7-1985  
  5/8/1985 Replies to Arguments Raised by Generic Drug Industry Concerning Process Patent Legislation, 5-8-1985  
  10/23/1985 Opening Statement of Senator Mathias, Hearing on Process Patent Reform, S. 1543, 10-23-1985  
  10/20/1987 Council on Governmental Relations, 10-20-1987  
  9/27/1992 Kaynot Address, Texas Technology Transfer Association, 9-27-1992  
  8/2003 Emails between Kristi Sullivan and Jon Sandelin, 8-2003  
  9/2010 The Federal Laboratory Cooperative R and D Program Legislative History or Introduction, 9-19  
    A Speech by Senator Birch Bayh to the Patent Law Association of Chicago  
    Administration's Markup of S. 1657  
    Agreement between Fred H. Harrington and Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation  
    AUTM SUPA - A Brief History  
    Background Paper to Support and Explain the Need for the Small Business and Nonprofit Organizations Patent Procedures Act  
    Beliefs not necessarily reflecting whose of DHEW and the Administration  
    Blank Invention Record and Report  
    Blank License to the United States Government  
    Blank Patent Agreement  
    Blank Petition for Advance Waiver of Domestic Rights  
    Califano carries too much power by James J. Kilpatrick  
    Case history of Javid-Settlage Uhea-Sugah solution invention, U. S. Patent No.2, 960, 439  
    Check List for WARF  
    Comments on Senator Schmitt's Patent Policy Bill  
    Comments on the Desirability of Institutional patent Agreements for Universities, by Thomas F. Jones  
    Comparitve Analysis of Provisitons Importatn to Universities, P.L. 96-517 and H.R. 4564  
    Contractor's Rights to Federally-Sponsored Inventions, S. 1657 and H.R. 4564  
    Copy of Notice Sent to Recipients of U.S.P.H. Grants  
    Copyrights and the writer's lot by Michael Mewshaw  
    Creation of Society of University Patent Administrators  
    Data Rights Amendment to S. 1657  
    Dawson Chemical v. Rohm and Haas, Supreme Court Decision  
    Dawson Chemical v. Rohm and Haas  
    De Luca Et Al - 25 - HCC  
    Disclosure Agreement between NorthWestern University and PPG Industries  
    Disclosure of Information  
    Disposition of Inventions & Patents, The University of Wisconsin  
    Draft decision paper prepared for possible submission to the President in respones to his request for review of Federal patent policy  
    Draft of Bill from Bob Dole  
    Draft of Bill  
    Draft of University Small Business Bill, Howard Bremer  
    DTAF Special Report-Prepared for Univ Patent Policy Project, University of Wisconsin  
    Extend to all forms of intellectual property  
    Federal Security Agency Order 110-1  
    Floor Remarks and Text of H.R. 6444, Vol. 24 of BNA's Patent, Trademark and Copyright Journal  
    Foundation-Faculty Relationships Memo  
    Grantee Institutions Having Patent Agreements with the Public Health Service  
    Heidelberger - F3TDR  
    Innovation and Antitrust, Journal of the Patent Office Society, Vol. 60 No. 12, Ky P. Ewing, Jr.  
    Institutional Patent Agreement  
    Introductory Remarks by Harrison H. Schmitt, Science and Technology Research and Development Utilization Pollicy Act  
    Invention and Patent Policies Acceptable to the Public Health Service  
    Invention Disposition Request for Supporting Information  
    Joint Hearings before the Committee on Governmental Affairs and the Committee on the Judiciary United States Senate Ninety-Sixth Congress Second Session on S.2079  
    Knight Spores Ayerst Laboratories Letter Agreement  
    Legislative the Laboratories by Walter Sullivan, The Green Street  
    Linking Invention to Human Needs  
    List of IPA Holders  
    Mary Spores, Dole Press Release Handwritten  
    Mimeographed Instructions  
    Mr. Railsback's Amendment to H.R. 1937, Relating to Process Patent  
    NASA's Proposed Version of Government Data Policy Statement  
    National Science Board  
    Oral Presentation of Norman Dorsen Concerning the Constitutional Issues Raised by Section 202 of the Patent Extension Provisions of H.R. 3605  
    Patent Agreement  
    Patent Piracy Crackdown is Urged by Associated Press  
    Patent Restoration Act, H.R. 1937, Background, Amendments, and Recomended Action  
    Patent Restoration Legislation and Bill with Comments  
    Patent Term Extension, Flowchart of Processing Under 35 USC 156  
    Patent Term Restoration Act of 1982, 97th Congress 2d Session  
    Patents at Colleges and Universities, Guidlines for the Development of Policies and Programs  
    Paul Lichtenstein has advised the Surgeon General of his discovery  
    Petitions for Invention Rights  
    Princeton University Document  
    Public Patents Memo  
    Questions and Answers regarding the Accelerated Processing of Recombinant DNA Inventions  
    RD Washington Trends  
    Reasons for a Substitute Set of Amendments S. 1250, George E. Brown  
    Recommended References  
    Report of Invention  
    Request for DHEW Institutional Patent Agreement  
    Request for Extension of Bristol's Exclusive License for Cisplatin  
    Restoration Moves Toward Committe Vote  
    Sampling of University Patent Licensing Programs  
    Schmitt Amendments to 35 U.S.C. Chapter 30, P.L. 96-517  
    Science Serving Human Needs, A History of Battelle Memorial Institute  
    Sec. 204, Return of Government Investment  
    Selected Excepts from House Committee Reports on H.R. 4326  
    Subcommittee on Economic Stabilization of the House Committee on Banking, Currency and Housing  
    Suggested Additions to S1250, Section 6(e)  
    Suggested Amendment of Standard Patent Rights Clause for Small Business Firms and Non-Profit Organizations of Proposed 37 CFR 401.14(a)  
    SUPA Questionnaire Concerning (Blank)  
    SUPA Voting Results  
    Supplemental Affidavit of Thomas S. Lodge  
    Technology Assessment & Forecast, U.S. Department of Commerce  
    Technology Innovation by Birch Bayh  
    The Federal Laboratories and the United States Economy  
    The History of the Association of University Technology Managers  
    The University of Wisconsin Does Not Itself Apply For nor Hold Patents  
    University of Illinois Document  
    University of Illinois Patent Committee Policy and Procedure  
    University of Illinois Policy and Procedure as Administered by University Patent Committee  
    University of Washington text  
    University of Wisconsin DHEW Total Input  
    University of Wisconsin Inventions that Have Been Licensed  
    University Patent Policies and Patent Administration Questionnaire, Completed  
    Views on the Department of Commerce on H.R. 12112, Draft  
    Warf Statistics, 50 Years of Technology Transfer  
    WARF's Oblidations to DHEW  
    West et al. Invention  
    When and How to File Patent Applications on University Discoveries  


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