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In 2016 the World Intellectual Property web states that intellectual property is recognized as the most important asset of many of the world’s largest and most powerful companies; it is the foundation for the market dominance and continuing profitability of leading corporations. It is often the key objective in mergers and acquisitions and knowledgeable companies are increasingly using licensing routes to transfer these assets. Understanding the importance of the various components of the intellectual property system and using it effectively as an integral part of its business strategy is crucial to success in the market place. Businesses need the intellectual property system to protect manufacturing secrets or other useful information and remain ahead of the competition. Businesses need to fully exploit their intellectual property assets to maintain consistent quality and market products and services to consumers so as to develop long-term customer loyalty.

University of New Hampshire Law trains intellectual property, commerce, and technology professionals with skills to meet marketplace needs. Beyond other IP law programs, UNH Law trains professionals to maximize IP value from inception to disposition including: IP identification, IP valuation, IP protection and IP leveraging. UNH Law, without exception, has continuously been ranked by U.S. News & World Report as one of the top IP law schools in the country.

As an extension of the home to the most extensive IP Library in the United States, UNH Law presents the IP Mall [www.ipmall.info], an internationally acclaimed IP resource Website providing a unique collection of UNH Law hosted intellectual property resources and links to the most valuable IP resources in the world (patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, licensing, technology transfer, etc.). The IP Mall is the creation of UNH Law's Prof. Jon Cavicchi, J.D., LL.M

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Mission for IP Mall Hosted Resources Section

As an extension of the home to the only academic IP Library in the United States, UNH Law presents the IP Mall.

Welcome. IP Mall visitors come from a wide range of backgrounds including: lawyers, judges, academics, students, paralegals, business professionals, scientists, government personnel, inventors, publishers, content creators and anyone else just interested in intellectual property, commerce and technology. No single site can serve all the needs of such a diverse user group.

Our assumption is that legal researchers use premium (e.g. Lexis and Westlaw), low fee and no fee (e.g. USPTO, Copyright Office, WIPO, GPO, FindLaw, Cornell LII and many others) to find the primary sources of IP law (cases, statutes, treaties, regulations and procedural manuals) as well as proprietary secondary legal sources in mainstream publication.

Our mission is to offer unique content not available on these other Websites. This content includes UNH Law produced papers and scholarship, collections of public domain content not online or spanning time periods before other Web collections, unique dedicated topical portals (e.g. Bayh Dole Central) as well as miscellaneous content from IP Mall users looking for a place to host their works.

The Hosted Resources section of the IP Mall is dynamic and changes day to day as we cannot anticipate the opportunities that present. This presents a challenge in the organization of such an eclectic mix of resources. One tip to best access the site is to use the internal Google search engine in conjunction with our menus and navigation section.

Like Lexis, Westlaw and other information resources, some content, like papers, are written on a date certain and never get updated. Other resources are updated at varied rates. That is exactly the case with the Mall. Some Mall resources are updated several times per year at the convenience of the content providers (e.g. Copyright Office Appeals Reports and CRS Reports). Some Mall resources on their face say that they are there just to fill a time gap on the Web for a current resource maintained by another site (e.g. USPTO Board decisions). Some Mall resources are collections of providers that are no longer in existence and will never get updated (e.g. Copyright Royalty Trbunal Decisions). Some Mall resources are for time limited events and will never be updated (e.g. IP legislative history collections). Some are just ancient history documents (e.g. Patent Office Pony mirror site)

Your suggestions and content contributions are very much wanted. Please feel free to email me as we are about meeting the vision of the UNH Law founder, Dr. Robert Rines - "You see a need, you fill it." Enjoy.

Jon R. Cavicchi, J.D., LL.M. (IP), Ph.D. (H)
Professor of Legal Research and IP Librarian