Professor Emeritus Thomas G. Field, Jr. Selected Works - iPFrontline opeds by Professor Tom Field

Professor Field was a regular contributor to iPFrontline, published an high traffic and influential interactive intellectual property (IP) and technology news magazine. iPFrontline was an online intellectual property publication and IP news platform, provided the IP and technology community with news and information on intellectual property from around the world. Its platform offered a searchable database of various topics and archives on a range of related topics; a weekly newsletter that provides information on the latest technology and IP activities; a special section on news from Germany; and patent index reports that convert complex patent analytics into competitive business information by tracking and charting the U.S. patent activities by attorney, applicant, or in key industry segments in real-time. Its IP news platform readers represent intellectual property, R&D, technology, telecommunications, consumer goods, financial, publishing, sales and marketing, entertainment, manufacturing, energy, transportation, gambling and casinos, agriculture, wind and solar, healthcare, rail, defense, marine, mining, big pharma, and aviation industries internationally.

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