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Date   Supporting Documents (PDFs)
12/30/1952   Federal Security Agency Order 110-1, Inventions Resulting from Research Grants, 12-30-1952
12/30/1952   Federal Security Agency Order 110-1, Inventions Resulting from Research Grants, John L. Thurston, 12-30-1952
1965   Principal of Exclusive Rights under Section 1(a), 1965 Annual Report
8/12/1968   Problem Areas Affecting Usefulness of Results of Government-Sponsored Research in Medicinal Chemistry, Report to the Congress, 8-12-1968
4/29/1971   The Aerospace Corporation, Average Rate Control, 4-29-1971 
2/4/1974   Progress Towards a Uniform U.S. Government Patent Policy by Norman J. Latker at the Second Annual University-Industry Forum, 2-4-1974
10/1/1974   Patents, Guide Memo, 10-1-1974 
3/7/1975   Review of Present Practices of NIH in Disseminating Research Findings, 3-7-1975
5/1/1975   Copyright Policy, Guide Memo, 5-1-1975 
8/15/1975   Copyright Administration, Guide Memo, 8-15-1975 
1976   House of Representatives Report No. 94-1005, Health Research and Health Services Amendments of 1976
4/1/1976   Guidelines for Legislative Report Revised, 4-1-1976 
7/27/1976   Minutes of Committee on Government Patent Policy, 7-27-1976 
7/27/1976   Minutes of Committee on Government Patent Policy Draft , 7-27-1976 
8/19/1976   Agency Comments on OMB, 8-19-1976
10/1/1976   A Proposal to National Institute of Public Health Service for Support of a Program to Enhance Transfer of Research Results, 10-1-1976
10/1/1976   A Proposal to National Institutes of Health for Suppport of a Program to Enhance Transfer of Research Results of DHEW Grants, 10-1-1976
10/1/1976   Government Patent Policy, 55 CA-Hand Sec. New Odd Page, 10-1-1976
1977   Institutions Having Standard Industrial Patent Agreements with The Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, 1977
Jan-77   Proposed FPR Revision, Prepared by Ad Hoc Subcommittee on Universtity Patent Policy, 1-1977
2/9/1977   The Impact of Laws and Regulations on the Innovative Process by Norman J. Latker before the Second Annual Meeting of SUPA, 2-9-1977
4/8/1977   Disclosure of Research Information Under the Freedom of Information Act, 4-8-1977
4/16/1977   Cleveland Speech, Explaining Importance Patent Protection, 4-16-1977
11/8/1977   Summary of William G. Well's Remarks at International Conference on Technology Transfer in Industrialized Countries, 11-8-1977 
12/15/1977   Note and Attachment Jesse E. Lasken, Nelson Hearings, David Guberman, 12-15-1977 
12/23/1977   Special Report on Hearings of the Monopoly Subcommittee of the Senate Small Business Committee, 12-23-1977
1978   Information Sheet for Witnesses Appearing  Before the U.S. Senate Small Business Committee, 1978
1/5/1978   Final Draft of Patent Policy of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, 1-5-1978
1/19/1978   Meeting on Patent Policy at Executive Office Building, 1-19-1978 
2/2/1978   Public Contracts and Property Management, Rules and Regulations, 2-2-1978
3/29/1978   Important Notice to Industrial Firms, Universities and Colleges and other National Science Foundation Grantee Organizations, 3-29-1978
4/4/1978   Patent Survey, 4-4-1978 
4/4/1978   Patent Survey, Association of American Universities, 4-4-1978 
9/13/1978   Biographies of Participants for Joint Press Conference, Federal Patent Policy for Universities and Small Businesses, 9-13-1978
12/20/1978   Draft Report on Patent Policy, 12-20-1978
1/29/1979   Patent Survey, 1-29-1979
8/23/1979   Summary of Meeting with Norman Latker, 8-23-1979
4/19/1984   Technology Management by Norman J. Latker before the Joint Meeting of the National Contract Management Association, 4-19-1984
5/11/1984   Federal Initiatives for Innovation by Norman J. Latker before the American Intellectual Property Law Association, 5-11-1984
4/10/1987   Executive Order No. 12591, Office of the Press Secretary, 4-10-1987
    A proposal to National Institutes of Health for support of a UTTAP, L.W. Miles, A.C. Moore, B.V. Dean
    Draft Briefing Memorandum Accompanying Proposed Department Position on H.R. 8569 
    Draft Proposal for University Research Utilization, O.P. Berfelin
    Highlights of Federal Technology Transfer
    Issue Paper on Federal Government Patent Policy
    Science, Public Policy and the Scientist Administrator An Anthology
    Section by Section Analysis of Federal Intellectual Property Policy Draft 
    Technical Attachment, Amendments 1-9 
    Comments of Norman J. Latker by James H. Wallace, Thomas C. Arthur
    Comments on the Impact of Public Disclosure on Patent Rights in Information Contained in Research Protocols to DHEW
    Comments to Grinstead Memo
    Chapter 1-901 Department Patent Activities, Organization, General
    Draft Paper Addressing the Policy of HEW Patent Policy
    Government Patent Policy Final Report Vol I by Habridge House Inc.
    Issue to be Resolved with Federal Property and Administrative Services Act
    Problem of the fourth exemption of the Freedom of Information Act and the Federal Advisory Committee Act 
    Regulations and Procedures, Chapter 6-10, General Administration, Patent and Inventions
    Resume of Norman J. Latker
    Sampling of University Patent Licensing Programs
    Technical Data Policy Draft
    The Patent Policy of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare 
    Waiver Petitions for Inventor and Universities 
    Background to Paper to support and explain the proposed University and Small Business Research Utilization Act of 1976 
    Perspective on Government-Funded Innovations
    Stanford University Invention Disclosure and License Agreement Form 
    Transcript of Carey-Stevenson Interchange


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