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Date   News and Articles (PDFs)
1973   Technology Transfer is Subject of Recent Program, News and Comment, 1973 
Mar-74   Legal Incentives and Barriers to Utilizing Technological Innovation, Prepared for the National Science Foundation, March 1974
May-75   University of Maryland Graduate School Chronicle, May 1975
Dec-75   University of Maryland Graduate School Chronicle, December 1975
1976   Faculty and Staff Misconceptions Slow Transfer of Technology, Research Corporation Quarterly Bullitin, Summer 1976
Feb-76   Federal Funding of Civilian Research and Development Vol. 1, Arthur D. Little, 2-1976
6/18/1976   Developing Patent Awareness at Educational Institutions by Willard Marcy, 6-18-1976
9/17/1976   News Release on DISPA Hearings, 9-17-1976 
2/9/1977   The Impact of Laws and Regulations on the Innovative Process by Norman J Latker, 2-9-1977
Mar-77   From Invention to Commercialization by L. Edward Klein, 3-1977 
Mar-77   Patent-Antitrust Policies in U.S. by William F. Baxter, 3-1977
3/21/1977   Nader Calls GSA Policy on Researcher's Patents Giveaway of U.S. Rights by Ward Sinclair, 3-21-1977
Jun-77   The Folly of Compulsory Licensing by Marcus B. Finnegan, 6-1977 
Jun-77   A Study of Compulsory Licensing by Sol L. Goldstein, 6-1977
11/8/1977   Role of Government in Promoting Technological Innovation by William G. Wells, International Conference on Technology Transfers, 11-8-1977
12/9/1977   Press Release from Gaylord Nelson, 12-9-1977
12/26/1977   Electronic News, Decision Due on Rights to Government Funded Patents, 12-26-1977
1978   Patent Policy Changes Stir Concern by R. Jeffrey Smith, 1978 
1/2/1978   Federal Patent Giveaway Draws Fire by Chris Murray, 1-2-1978 
Feb-78   Current Trends in Technology Transfer by Norman J. Latker, 2-1978 
3/2/1978   Two Trade Associations Voice Support for License Approach in Government Patent Policy, News and Comment, 3-2-1978 
3/9/1978   Schools May Get Patent Rewards for Research by Richard Bradee, 3-9-1978 
3/21/1978   Press Release from Gaylord Nelson, 3-21-1978
3/30/1978   Stanford University News Service Release, 3-30-1978 
Apr-78   Perspective on Government-Funded Innovations by Betsy Ancker-Johnson, 4-1978 
4/15/1978   Research-Oriented Schools Face Battle on Rules by Malcom W. Browne, 4-15-1978 
May-78   Patent Power by Judith Randal, 5-1978
5/21/1978   U.S. Losing Ideas Race by Robert C. Toth, 5-21-1978
5/30/1978   Profits of Research, Times, 5-30-1978 
6/12/1978   Washington Post, Bacterium is Used in Producing Insulin, 6-12-1978 
6/19/1978   The Federal Squeeze on University Research, Business Week, 6-19-1978 
12/6/1978   Getting New Products to the Market - Medical and Scientific Section Meeting, 12-6-1978
1/8/1982   Gene-Splicing Debate Heats up Again by Phillip J. Hilts, 1-8-1982
9/24/2000   Brief History of Federal Technology Transfer by Norman J. Latker, 9-24-2000
    A Basic Philosophy for U.S. Government Patent Policy by Francis Boyer
    Attitudinal and Institutional Barriers to University-Based Managment, by Gerald G. Udell and Robert W. Pricer
    Government Patent Policy and the New Mercantilism by Benjamin Gordon
    The Future of, Another in a Series of Discussions of Alternate Futures Presented by the World Future Society
    Russell Long Holds all Carter's Chips by Art Pine



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