IDEA ® The Journal of the Franklin Pierce Center for Intellectual Property - IDEA Vol. 40 (Parts 1 through 4)

Patent, Trademark and Copyright Journal of Research and Education
IDEA Vol. 40 (Parts 1 through 4)

No. 1 (2000)

Pg 1: Section 110(5) and The Fairness in Music Licensing Act: Will the WTO Decide the United States Must Pay to Play? - Laura A. McCluggage

Pg 49: Clash of the Titans: The Territoriality of Patent Law vs. The European Union - Gretchen Ann Bender

Pg 83: The On-Sale Bar to Patentability: The U.S. Supreme Court Sheds Some light - Juan C. Gonzalez


Pg 123: The Role and Responsibility of Patent Attorneys in Improving the Doctrine of Equivalents - The Honorable Paul R. Michel

No. 2 (2000)

Pg 131: Hughes Aircraft and the Warner-Jenkinson Presumption: The Certiorari That Should Have Been - Scott P. Zimmerman

Pg 163: Conflicting Theories of Equivalence: 35 U.S.C. § 112, P6 in the Supreme Court and the Federal Circuit - Cyrill P. Rigamonti

Pg 195: National, Multi-District Preliminary Tour Injunctions: Why the Hesitation? - Shae Yatta Harvey

Pg 225: Copyright Protection for United States Government Computer Programs - David S. Levitt

Pg 267: A Practitioner's Approach to Strategic Enforcement and Analysis of Business Method Patents in the Post-State Street Era - Peter H. Kang and Kristin A. Snyder

No. 3 (2000)

Pg 297: Inherent Anticipation - Steven C. Carlson

Pg 319: Patenting Software in Taiwan: A Comparative Study of the Laws of Taiwan and the United States - Thomas Q. T. Tsai



Pg 393: National, Multi-District Preliminary Tour Injunctions: Why the Hesitation? - Sri Krishna Sankaran

Pg 427: The Music Industry and its Digital Future: Introducting MP3 Technology - Kimberly D. Richard

Pg 451: Search Engine manipulation: Creative Use of Metatags or Trademark Infringement - Stanley U. Paylago

No. 4 (2000)

Pg 473: Functionality Unanimously Trumps Incontestability After Trademark Law Treaty Act and Wilhelm Pudenz v. Littlefuse, Inc.: Next Replace Misnomer "Incontestable" with "Conclusive" - Maury Audet

Pg 503: Compulsory Licensing for Translation: An Instrument of Development - Salah Basalamah

Pg 549: Trade Secrets in Commercial Transactions and Bankrupty - Lars S. Smith

Pg 581: When a Lack of Equivalence Can Still Be Equivalent-Litigation Infringement of Means-Plus-Function Claims - Michael T. Hopkins

Pg 599: The Doctrine of Equivalents: A Call for Congressional Reinvigoration - Scott P. Zimmerman

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