The Germeshausen Center Newsletters Archive - 2008 - 2010

Winter 2010 (web pages):

Spring 2010 (web pages):

Each issue approx. 1,301K in PDF format

Summer/Fall 2008 Newsletter (PDF) includes the following:

  • Creating a Lasting Legacy to Honor One of Pierce Laws Finest: The Karl F. Jorda Professorship in Patent Law, page 1
  • Portrait: James Slattery, by Richard Kurz (JD 10), page 1
  • You Have a Well-Known Mark? So What? An Indonesian Approach to Well-Known Mark Protection, by Alexandra Suryakristianto (MIP 09), page 3
  • IP Commercialization Pitfalls: Indian Universties and R&D Institution Perspective, by Vahini Valentine Beeram (MIP 08) and Gaurav Siddahast, page 5
  • A Case for Government Regulation of Virtual World Economies, by Alex Hafez (JD 09), page 7
  • Fixing the American Healthcare System Through Pharmaceutical Legislation: Could a Change in U.S. Patent Law be the Answer? by Philip Apruzzese (JD 10), page 9
  • From the Editor: Federalizing Trade Secret Law: A Cause Whose Time Has Come, by Karl F. Jorda, page 11
  • Calendar of Events, page 14

Winter/Spring 2008 Newsletter (PDF) includes the following:

  • Pierce Law Again Ranks Among Top 5 Schools in the Nation for the Study of IP Law in U.S. News & World Report, page 1
  • Portrait: Steven McCann, by Cyril K. Chan (JD 10), page 1
  • IP Faculty Activities, by Carol Ruh, page 2
  • European Interoperability Patents—A Possibility?, by Priti Deshpande (LLM 08), page 3
  • The TRIPS Agreement: Compliance and Efficacy More Than A Decade After Its Initial Signing, by Garth Coviello (JD 08), page 5
  • How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love China, by Tim McNamara (JD09), page 7
  • Art Law? Yes, Art Law, by Katherine Lewis (JD/MIP 09), page 9
  • Making the Grade: An Analysis of Copyright Policy at Elite Music Schools, by Kristen Miller (JD 07) and Shannan De Jess (JD/MIP 07), page 11
  • Guest Editorial - The Fraud Factor: U.S. Trademark Owners Beware!, by Carrie Webb Olson, Esq. (JD 00), page 13
  • Pierce Law IP BLOGS, page 14
  • Calendar of Events, page 16


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