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The Kenneth J. Germeshausen Center, created in 1985 through the generosity of Kenneth J. and Pauline Germeshausen, is the umbrella organization for Pierce Law's intellectual property specializations. Today the Germeshausen Center is a driving force in the study of international and national intellectual property law and the transfer of technology. It acts as a resource to business as well as scientific, legal and governmental interests in patent, trademark, trade secret, licensing, copyright, computer law and related fields.

The Center bears the name of its benefactor Kenneth J. Germeshausen, one of New England's pioneering inventors and professor of electrical engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Germeshausen was also co-founder of the international high technology firm of EG&G.

In keeping with the initial mission of the Center, to improve, through training and research, the climate for commercialization of technology in the public interest, Homer O. Blair, the Center's first director, initiated in 1987 a series of policy-making seminars and conferences for the discussion of intellectual property and policy studies. Under the guidance of Blair and subsequent director Karl F. Jorda, it has gained a global reputation that is expected to grow under the 2009 appointment of J. Jeffrey Hawley to the directorship.

Acting as a roundtable for the exchange of innovative ideas and concepts, the Germeshausen Center draws an international audience of lawyers and administrators. Conferences held under its auspices address such topics as advanced licensing techniques, environmental technology transfer, international patent cooperation, and the valuation of intellectual property.

The Germeshausen Center conducts a range of research activities and cooperative initiatives in intellectual property. These include international faculty exchanges, library collection development, information exchanges and research fellowships.

Germeshausen Center Newsletters Archive


The Germeshausen Center Newsletters Archive


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