User Guide Series: Homer and Jean Blair Collection of United States Patent Models - Barbed Wire Pincher

Barbed Wire Pincher, U. S. Patent 180,351, July 25, 1876, Charles Kennedy, Hinckley, Illinois.

The invention is a tool for applying a barb (particularly a Kennedy Barb, U. S. Patent 153,965, August 11, 1874) to a single wire to make barbed wire fencing. This invention was manufactured and used.

The model is 14" x 2" x 3/4" and made of black painted iron or steel. Much of the paint is missing but the tool is still in proper working condition. A partial Patent Office tag with the patent number and inventor's name remains. Because of wording on the reverse of the tag, it is assumed this tool was rescued from the debris of the Patent Office fire of 1877.



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