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2007-2005 News Releases (PDF)



eBay Auction Scam Nets Sacremento Man 24 Months in Prison: Defendant Failed to Deliver Season Tickets to Sporting Events and Rolex Watches Worth More Than $93,324.52 (November 5, 2007)

Seattle Man Pleads Guilty in Connection with ID Theft Using Computer File Sharing Programs: First Conviction in the Country Involving Peer to Peer File Sharing Programs (November 5, 2007)

Email Spammer Sentenced to over Two Years in Prison for Participating in Massive Aol Spam Scheme (November 2, 2007)

Two Defendants Indicted for Hacking into Fresno State University's Computer System to Make Unauthorized Grade Changes (October 31, 2007)

Sacramento Woman Pleads Guilty to Hijacking Online Bank Account (October 29, 2007)

Grand Jury Returns Indictment Charging Man in Scheme Targeting Fiance's Bank Account (October 25, 2007)

Operator of "Botnet", a Network of Thousands of Virus-infected Computers, Sentenced to 12 Months in Federal Prison (October 23, 2007)

David U. Haltinner Pleads Guilty for Selling Approximately 637,000 Stolen Credit Card Numbers (October 11, 2007)

Ann Arbor Former Network Engineer Convicted of Hacking into Pentastar Aviation Network, Destroying Payroll and Personnel Records (October 9, 2007)

Indictment and Arrest for Using Botnet to Launch DoS Attacks (October 1, 2007)

Norcross Man Pleads Guilty to Hacking Former Employer's Computer and Telecommunications System: Intrusion Shut Down Communications and Internet Services in Dallas, Las Vegas, New Orleans, and Baton Rouge (September 26, 2007)

Ohio Man Sentenced for for Illegally Transmitting Electronic Funds from Various Banks to Ameritrade and E*Trade, Totaling Approximately $3,348,000.00 (September 21, 2007)

Former Systems Administrator Admits Planting "Logic Bomb" in Company Computers (September 19, 2007)

Leader of "Spam" Operaton is Sentenced (September 17, 2007)

Texas A&M Grad Convicted of Hacking into Alma Mater's Computer System (September 12, 2007)

"Iceman," Founder of Online Credit Card Theft Ring, Indicted on Wire Fraud and Identity Theft Charges (September 11, 2007)

Former Sandia National Laboratories Employee Pleads Guilty to Stalking and Other Crimes (June 29, 2007)

"Phisher" Sentenced to Nearly Six Years in Prison After Nation's First Can-Spam Act Jury Trial Conviction (June 14, 2007)

Former Computer Contractor Pleads Guilty to Hacking Daimler Chrysler Parts Distribution Wireless Network (June 1, 2007)

Sacramento Man Charged with Computer Fraud and Aggravated Identity Theft: Internet "Phishing" Scheme Used to Steal Thousands of Credit and Debit Card Numbers, Social Security Numbers (April 26, 2007)

Former Navy Contractor Sentenced for Damaging Navy Computer System (April 5, 2007)

Clovis and Fresno Residents Plead Guilty to Conspiracy to Commit Wire Fraud, Mail Fraud, and Copyright Infringement (February 8, 2007)

Man Pleads Guilty to Stealing Morgan Stanley Trade Secrets Relating to Hedge Funds (February 1, 2007)

Year 2006

Utah Man Sentenced to 24 Months in Prison for Bringing Down Wireless Internet Services (December 14, 2006)

California Man Sentenced for Recklessly Damaging a Protected Computer Owned by his Former Employer (October 16, 2006)

Owner of P.C. Consultants of Wadsworth, Inc. Charged with Computer Intrusion of Merrick Graphics' Computer System (September 22, 2006)

Michigan Man Gets 30 Months for Conspiracy to Order Destructive Computer Attacks on Business Competitors (August 25, 2006)

Florida Man Sentenced for Causing Damage and Transmitting Threat to Former Employer's Computer System (July 13, 2006)

Former Technology Manager Sentenced To A Year In Prison For Computer Hacking Offense (June 23, 2006)

North Carolina Man Charged with Illegally Accessing American College of Physicians Database (June 15, 2006)

Former Federal Computer Security Specialist Sentenced for Hacking Department of Education Computer (May 12, 2006)

California Man Pleads Guilty in "Botnet" Attack That Impacted Seattle Hospital and Defense Department (May 4, 2006)

San Diego Computer Expert Charged with Hacking into U.S.C. Computer System Containing Student Applications (April 20, 2006)

United States Secret Service's Operation Rolling Stone Nets Multiple Arrests (March 28, 2006)

Telemarketing Firm Official Indicted in New Hampshire Phone Jamming Case (March 27, 2006)

Former Federal Computer Security Specialist Pleads Guilty to Hacking Department of Education Computer (March 1, 2006)

Cleveland, Ohio Man Sentenced to Prison for Bank Fraud and Conspiracy (February 28, 2006)

Utah Man Charged with Bringing Down Wireless Internet Services in Vernal Region (February 15, 2006)

California Man Indicted for Botnet Attack That Impacted Hospital (February 10, 2006)

Florida Man Indicted for Causing Damage and Transmitting Threat to Former Employer's Computer System (February 7, 2006)

Dayton, Ohio, Man Pleads Guilty to Sexual Exploitation Crimes Involving Minors and Computer Intrusion (January 19, 2006)

Year 2005

Man Pleads Guilty to Infecting Thousands of Computers Using Worm Program then Launching them in Denial of Service Attacks (December 28, 2005)

Silicon Valley Engineer Indicted for Stealing Trade Secrets and Computer Fraud (December 22, 2005)

Former RNC New England Regional Director Convicted in New Hampshire Phone Jamming Case (December 15, 2005)

Plano Man Convicted of Computer Sabatage (November 21, 2005)

Six Defendants Plead Guilty in Internet Identity Theft and Credit Card Fraud Conspiracy (November 17, 2005)

Massachusetts Teen Convicted for Hacking into Internet and Telephone Service Providers and Making Bomb Threats to High Schools in Massachusetts and Florida (September 8, 2005)

Federal Jury Convicts Former Technology Manager of Computer Hacking Offense Defendant Found Guilty of Placing Computer "Time Bomb" On Employer's Network Following Employment Dispute (September 8, 2005)

Creator and Four Users of Loverspy Spyware Program Indicted (August 26, 2005)

Justice Department Announces Conviction of Florida Man Accused of Massive Data Theft from Acxiom, Inc. (August 12, 2005)

Disgruntled Phillies Fan/Spammer Sent to Prison for Four Years (July 14, 2005)

New York Teen Pleads Guilty to Making Extortion Threats Against Internet Company (March 22, 2005)

Pleasant Hill, California Computer Hacker from "Deceptive Duo" Guilty of Intrusions into Government Computers and Defacing Websites (March 11, 2005)

Queens Man Sentenced to 27 Months' Imprisonment on Federal Charges of Computer Damage, Access Device Fraud and Software Piracy (February 28, 2005)

New York Spammer Arrested for Making Threats Against Internet Messaging Company and Sending More Than 1.5 Million Spam Messages (February 17, 2005)

Former IT Manager of Software Firm Indicted on Computer Crime Charges (February 16, 2005)

Juvenile Sentenced for Releasing Worm That Attacked Microsoft Web Site (February 11, 2005)

Computer Hacker Who Victimized T-Mobile Pleads Guilty in Los Angeles Federal Court (February 15, 2005)

Minnesota Man Sentenced to 18 Months in Prison for Creating and Unleashing a Variant of the MS Blaster Computer Worm (January 28, 2005)

Former Sacramento Man Arrested in eBay Auction Scam (January 27, 2005)

L.A. County Man Pleads Guilty to Hacking into Hotel Business Kiosks and Stealing Credit Card Information (December 18, 2007)

Man Pleads Guilty to Computer Hacking (December 17, 2007)

St. Stephen Man Convicted of Sexual Assault, Fraud, Witness Tampering and Extortion Scheme (December 4, 2007)

North Carolina Man Sentenced to 110 Years for Computer Hacking and Child Pornography (November 30, 2007)

Brothers Who Operated Fraudlent Salvation Army Website After Katrina Sentenced to Prison (November 28, 2007)

Former Customs Officer Sentenced in Conspiracy Case (November 27, 2007)

Two Ohio Women Charged with Illegally Intercepting School Officials’ E-mails and Illegally Possessing User Names and Passwords (November 20, 2007)

Pasadena Man Sentenced for Defrauding Renton On-line Gaming Company: Man Used Stolen Identities to Order and Resell Goods from Wizards of the Coast On-line Store (November 16, 2007)

Former Employee of Cia and Fbi Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy, Unauthorized Computer Access and Naturalization Fraud (November 13, 2007)

Romanian Authorities Arrest 9 of 22 Defendants Charged in Organized Crime Group: 21 Simultaneous Searches Reveal Evidence of Massive "Phishing" and Fraud Scheme (November 13, 2007)

"Swatter" Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy: Defendant Made False 911 Calls for Fun and Profit by Using "Spoof" Cards (November 9, 2007)

Computer Security Consultant Charged with Infecting up to a Quarter Million Computers That Were Used to Wiretap, Engage in Identity Theft, Defraud Banks (November 9, 2007)

Three Additional Defendants Arrested in Scheme to Hack into Fresno State University’s Computer System to Make Unauthorized Grade Changes (November 8, 2007)


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