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2002-2001 News Releases (PDF)


Year 2002

St. Joseph, Missouri Man Charged in Western District's First Computer Hacking Indictment (December 20, 2002)

Man Indicted on Charges of Defrauding Buyers Using eBay Internet Auction Service, Remains Fugitive (December 20, 2002)

Two Los Angeles, California, Men Accused of Operating Websites Selling Fake IDs Named in Conspiracy; 5 Felons Who Applied for Bogus Documents also Charged (December 20, 2002)

U.S. Arrests Queens, New York, Man on Computer Fraud Charges (December 20, 2002)

Disgruntled UBS PaineWebber Employee Charged with Allegedly Unleashing "Logic Bomb" on Company Computers (December 17, 2002)

U.S. Announces What is Believed the Largest Identity Theft Case In American History; Losses are in the Millions(November 25, 2002)

Hacker Pleaded Guilty to Attacks on San Diego Auto Site (November 15, 2002)

London, England Hacker Indicted Under Computer Fraud and Abuse Act For Accessing Military Computers (November 12, 2002)

British National Charged with Hacking Into N.J. Naval Weapons Station Computers, Disabling Network After Sept. 11; Indictment Also Filed in Virginia For Other Military Intrusions (November 12, 2002)

Florida Lawyer Charged in Offshore Sports Betting Case (October 22, 2002)

Melvern, Ohio Man Sentenced for Defrauding Bidders on eBay (October 16, 2002)

Russian Computer Hacker Sentenced to Three Years in Prison (October 4, 2002)

Sacramento, California, Woman Convicted of Committing Check 'Kite' Through Unauthorized Computer Access (September 17, 2002)

Los Angeles, California Woman Admits Bilking eBay Bidders (September 10, 2002)

San Gabriel Valley, California Man Pleads to Illegally Accessing Former Employer's Computers (September 9, 2002)

Defendant Sentenced in Three Fraud Prosecutions for Online Auction, Telemarketing, and Computer-Generated Counterfeit Check Scams (August 30, 2002)

Former LA Ram Sentenced in eBay Internet Fraud Schemes (August 5, 2002)

San Fernando Valley Residents Indicted in Scheme to Hack Into Software Firm Computer and Delete $2.6 Million Project (August 2, 2002)

Fairfax, Virginia Man Sentenced 144 Months for Internet Auction Fraud (July 16, 2002)

Internet Auction Scam Results in Guilty Plea (July 8, 2002)

San Francisco Man Sentenced for Selling Fake Derek Jeter and Normar Garciaparra Baseball Bats on eBay (July 2, 2002)

Owner of Internet Service Provider Sentenced to 18 Months in Prison for Credit Card Scam (June 10, 2002)

Melvern, Ohio Man Indicted for eBay Auction Fraud (June 5, 2002)

Internet Doctor Sentenced to Over 4 Years in Prison (May 29, 2002)

Two Kazakhstan Citizens Accused of Breaking Into Bloomberg L.P.'s Computer and Extortion are Extradited (May 21, 2002)

Defendant Pleads Guilty in Three Fraud Prosecutions for Online Auction, Telemarketing, and Computer-Generated Counterfeit Check Scams (May 17, 2002)

Twenty-Seven Month Sentence in Internet Fraud Scheme to Defraud Priceline.Com and Others; Unauthorized Computer Access Conspiracy (May 17, 2002)

Former Chief Technology Officer Arrested for Computer and Voicemail System Intrusions; Transmitting Threats Via the Internet (May 16, 2002)

Reynoldsburg, Ohio Man Sentenced for Misuse of Law Enforcement Computer (May 8, 2002)

Green Bay, Wisconsin Man Charged with Computer Intrusion, Software Piracy and Numerous Destructive Acts (May 7, 2002)

San Jose, California Man Pleads Guilty to Selling Explosives on eBay (May 2, 2002)

Creator of Melissa Computer Virus Sentenced to 20 Months in Federal Prison (May 1, 2002)

U.S. Charges Engineer with Computer Intrusion, Destruction of Database at Manhattan Apparel Company (April 26, 2002)

Man Pleads Guilty to Unauthorized Access of Las Vegas Medical Imaging Computer System (April 17, 2002)

Computer Operator Sentenced or Breaking Into Ex-Employer's Database (March 27, 2002)

Parma, Ohio Man Indicted for Unauthorized Access into Computer System of Alltel Communications, Inc.; Threatening E-Mails (March 26, 2002)

Five Guilty Pleas and Seven Arrested for Wire and Securities Fraud in Connection with Collapse of Apponline.com (March 12, 2002)

CHIPs Unit Established in the Eastern District of California United States Attorney Office (March 5, 2002)

Man Sentenced for eBay Auction Fraud of Certain Rare Baseball and Basketball Card Sets (March 4, 2002)

New York Electronic Crimes Task Force Arrests Jacksonville, Florida, Man for One of the Largest Identity Theft Cases in U.S. History (February 28, 2002)

Former Computer Network Administrator at New Jersey High-Tech Firm Sentenced for Unleashing $10 Million Computer “Time Bomb” (February 26, 2002)

Former Chase Financial Corp. Employees Sentenced for Scheme to Defraud Chase Manhattan Bank and Chase Financial Corporation (February 19, 2002)

Internet Doctor Convicted in Oklahoma City (January 30, 2002)

Six Defendants Sentenced in $16 Million Bogus Investment Scheme Marketed Over Internet (January 30, 2002)

San Francisco Man Pleads Guilty to Unauthorized Access of Catholic Healthcare West Computer Causing Damage (January 18, 2002)

CHIPs Unit Established in the Eastern District of Virginia United States Attorney Office (January 14, 2002)


Year 2001


Miami Man Pleads Guilty to eBay Auction Fraud (December 20, 2001)

San Francisco Man Indicted for Selling Fake Derek Jeter and Nomar Garciaparra Baseball Bats on eBay, Harassing E-Mails (December 18, 2001)

Bowdoinham, Maine Hacker Into United States Courts’ Information System Pleads Guilty (December 18, 2001)

Connecticut Hacker Indicted for Attacks on San Diego Auto Site (December 18, 2001)

Man Sentenced for Unauthorized Access into Computer Systems of Connecticut Consulting Firm (December 14, 2001)

Brooklyn, New York Man Pleads Guilty in eBay Fraud Case (December 13, 2001)

Internet Sports Bookmakers Plead Guilty; Will Forfeit $3.3 Million in Criminal Earnings (December 3, 2001)

Former Financial Institution Employee Sentenced for Unauthorized Computer Access to Customer Account Information (November 30, 2001)

Chardon, Ohio Woman Sentenced for Computer Fraud via Unauthorized Access of Employer's Computer System (November 26, 2001)

Former Cisco Systems, Inc. Accountants Sentenced for Unauthorized Access to Computer Systems to Illegally Issue Almost $8 Million in Cisco Stock to Themselves (November 26, 2001)

Man Indicted for Hacking Computers Belonging to Public Affairs Group (October 22, 2001)

Russian Computer Hacker Convicted by Jury in Seattle, Washington (October 10, 2001)

Former Former Chase Financial Corp. Employee Pleads Guilty to Unlawful Access to Chase Manhattan Bank to Defraud Chase Financial Corp. and Chase Manhattan Bank




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