U.S. Copyright Office Board of Appeals Decisions Index 2001

Decisions Index 2001

Date Company / Complaint In Relation To / Control No.
December 14, 2001 Robert J. Patch, Esq.
Young & Thompson
Control No. 60-703-988(Y)
November 6, 2001 Howard B. Rockman, Esq.
Lee, Mann, Smith, McWilliams, Sweeney & Ohlson
Flanders Brilliant Cut Diamond
Control No. 60-709-0129(S)
September 28, 2001 Charles N.J. Ruggiero, Esq.
Ohlandt, Greeley, Ruggiero, & Perle
O's and I's
Control No. 60-710-5940(O)
September 28, 2001 Daniel W. McDonald, Esq.
Merchant & Gould
Bunny Ears
Control No. 60-6001-4329(M)
September 24, 2001 Robert J. Patch, Esq.
Young & Thompson
Control No. 60-700-6971
September 17, 2001 William F. Vobach Internet Smile
Control No. 60-713-3618(V)
Control No. 60-714-9618(V)
September 13, 2001 Leonard D. DuBoff, Esq.
DuBoff, Dorband, Cushing & King, PLLC
Whitney Boin Collection 1984
Control No. 60-615-568(D)
Whitney Boin Collection 1996
Control No. 60-615-9387(D)
March 7, 2001 Gary J. Rinkerman, Esq.
Steptoe & Johnson, L.L.P.
Bearing Device and Letters & Bearing Device
Control No. 60-701-047(G)
February 16, 2001 John A. Scillieri, Esq.
Seldon & Scillieri
Watch (C101) and 8 others
Control No. 60-616-3613(S)
February 2, 2001 Steven B. Lehat, Esq. Butterfly Wings and Angel Wings
Control No. 60-700-1548(S)
January 25, 2001 Jason J. Young, Esq.
Young & Basile, P.C.
Foxtrot #720
Control No. 60-707-7798(Y)
Jitterbug #721-A
Control No. 60-707-9079(Y)

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