IDEA ® The Law Review of the Franklin Pierce Center for Intellectual Property - Volume 57

IDEA: The Law Review of the Franklin Pierce Center for Intellectual Property


Issue: Volume 57, Number 3

Karl F. Jorda: An Anthology Remembering the Remarkable Life of an IP Icon and Beloved Professor
Jon R. Cavicchi

Biosimilars: Countering Shortages of Biotherapies in a Global and Local Context
Vinita Banthia

Geoblocking and the Legality of Circumvention
Tal Kra-Oz

Artificial Intelligence and the Copyright Dilemma
Kalin Hristov

What is a Digital Currency?
Jeffrey E. Glass

Metaphor after Myriad: The Effect of Legal Rhetoric on Intellectual Property Protection for Biological Sequences
Charlotte A. Tschider


Issue: Volume 57, Number 2

Christian S. Hans

The Influence of Professor Calvin R. Massey: A Select Annotated Bibliography
Nicholas Mignanelli

Trademark Holders Beware: Source Indicating GTLDS Are Here
Ashlie Stewart Smith

Making Law School a Better Place: Using HBO's Silicon Valley to Teach Intellectual Property Law and Entrepreneurship
Dov Greenbaum

Some Realism About Copyright Skepticism
Guy Pessach

The Borderless Torrents: Infringing the Copyright Laws Around the World
Vaibhav H. Vora


Issue: Volume 57, Number 1

Post Invalidation Reissue: An Underused Tool in the Patent Arsenal?
John E. Kind

Confirmation Bias and the Due Process of Inter Partes Review
Nicholas J. Doyle

Patent Alliance: Defensive Aggregation - The Market Solution to Non-Practicing Entities?
Qiong Qi


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