IDEA ® The Journal of the Franklin Pierce Center for Intellectual Property - IDEA Vol. 37 (Parts 1 through 4)

Patent, Trademark and Copyright Journal of Research and Education
IDEA Vol. 37 (Parts 1 through 4)

No. 1 (1996)

Pg 1: Fundamentals of Software Licensing - H. Ward Classen

Pg 87: The Right "To Authorize" in U.S. Copyright Law: Questions of Contributory Infringement and Extraterritoriality - Phanesh Koneru

Pg 133: "Fair Use" of Comparative Advertising under the 1995 Federal Dilution Act - Filippo M. Cinotti

Pg 161: United States Provisional Patent Applications and Paris Convention Priority Rights -- "The Same Effect" - Todd R. Miller

Pg 181: The Need for International Thinking in Intellectual Property Law - William L. Keefauver

No. 2 (1997)

Pg 185: In Memoriam: The Need for Civility in Civil Litigation: Commencement Address -- Franklin Pierce Law Center, 1991 - The Honorable Helen Wilson Nies

Pg 207: The Jury's Role in Determining Key Issues in Patent Cases: Markman, Hilton Davis and Beyond - Allan N. Littman

Pg 261: Intellectual Property Systems and Investment Stimulation: The Rating of Systems in Eighteen Developing Countries - Robert M. Sherwood

Pg 371: Subject-Matter Imperialism? Biodiversity, Foreign Prior Art and the Neem Patent Controversy - Shayana Kadidal

No. 3 (1997)

Pg 405: In Re Ochiai, In Re Brouwer and the Biotechnology Process Patent Act of 1995: The End of the Durden Legacy - Jeremy (JE) Zhe Zhang

Pg 449: Antitrust and Intellectual Property: Landing on Patent Avenue in the Game of Monopoly - James Gould and James Langenfeld

Pg 491: The TRIPS Agreement: Implications for Development Countries - Robert M. Sherwood

Pg 545: Restoring the Balance of Our Patent System - Allan N. Littman

No. 4 (1997)

Pg 571: Inducement and Contributory Infringement Theories to Regulate Pre-Patent Issuance Activity - Michael A. Shimokaji

Pg 605: Justice For All: Innovative Techniques for Intellectual Property Litigation - P.L. Skip Singleton, Jr.

Pg 623: Franklin Pierce Law Center's Sixth Biennial Patent System Major Problems Conference - Participants

Pg 755: Hilton Davis and the Doctrine of Equivalents: A Little Change, A Little Mischief. - John McDermott

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