The Effective Exclusion of Computer Scientists under Qualifications Required by the USPTO to Practice Patent Law : Percentage of a Particular Major Compared to all Approved Majors in a Given Year - Summary of Majors: Patent Bar Data Summary

Grouping from the Top 50 Majors

Cummulative Grouping from the Top 50 Majors  
Major Field Group Count Percent Components  
Chemical Fields 10533 26.0% Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Medicine  
Mechanical Fields 10307 25.4% Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Material Science & Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Geology, Ceramics Engineering, Biophysics, optics, Marine Engineering  
Biological Fields 9502 23.4% biology, biochemistry, microbiology, pharmacology, biomedical engineering, medicine, environmental science, genetics, agriculture, psychology, zoology, physiology, animal science, botany, biotechnology, bioengineering, neuroscience, public health  
Electrical Fields 7135 17.6% Electrical engineering, computer engineering  
Computer Fields 1808 4.5% computer science, computer engineering

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