Consolidated Legislative Intellectual Property (CLIP) 1969-1988 - P.L. 100-159: Semiconductor Chip Protection Extension

Consolidated Legislative Intellectual Property (CLIP) 1969-1988

P.L. 100-159

TITLE: Semiconductor Chip Protection Extension

DATE: Nov. 9, 1987  
LENGTH: 2 p.  
ENACTED-BILL: 100 S. 442  
STAT: 101 Stat. 899  
CONG-SESS: 100-1  

"To amend chapter 9 of title 17, United States Code, regarding protection extended to semiconductor chip products of foreign entities."
Semiconductor chip design copyright protection for foreign producers, extension

BILLS: 100 H.R. 1951

133 Congressional Record, 100th Congress, 1st Session - 1987
   June 26, Senate consideration and passage of S. 442, p. S8865.
   Oct. 27, House consideration of H.R. 1951, consideration and passage of S. 442 with amendments, and tabling of H.R. 1951, p. H9004.
   Nov. 4, Senate concurrence in the House amendments to S. 442, p. S15721.
100th Congress
S. Rpt. 100-66 on S. 442, "Semiconductor Chip Protection Act Extension of 1987," June 9, 1987.
   LENGTH: 11 p.
   SUDOC: Y1.1/5:100-66
H. Rpt. 100-388 on H.R. 1951, "Protective Orders for Semiconductor Chip Products," Oct. 21, 1987.
   LENGTH: 14 p.
   SUDOC: Y1.1/8:100-388
100th Congress
"Issues Confronting the Semiconductor Industry," hearings before the Subcommittee on Technology and the Law, Committee on the Judiciary. Senate, Feb. 26, Mar. 3, 1987.
   LENGTH: iv+205 p. il.
   SUDOC: Y4.J89/2:S.hrg.100-210


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