The Bayh-Dole Act Research & History Central - Founding Fathers

These are the 'Founding Fathers' or key players in the political and legislative push for the passage and implimentation of the The Bayh-Dole Act.


Joseph P. Allen - President, Joseph Allen and Associates - Massive collection of papers, memos and miscellaneous information regarding the process of making the Bayh-Dole Act into law.


Howard Bremer, President of SUPA - Compendium of the documents, legislation, notes and supporting documents brought together from the Bremer collection.



Senator Robert Dole - Selected papers of Sen. Dole are being provided by Morgan R. Davis, CA, Senior Archivist, Dole Institute of Politics, University of Kansas.


Senator Birch Bayh of Indiana (Outside Link) - Selected papers of Sen. Bayh are being provided by Kate Cruikshank, Ph.D., M.L.S., C.A., Political Papers Specialist at Indiana University.


Norman J. Latker - He was a pioneering innovator over the many years leading attempts to enact such legislation throughout numerous sessions of Congress. His ground breaking contributions are chronicled both by his papers as well as the articles on this site that discuss his role.


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