Premium IP Services

Welcome to dedicated intellectual property premium fee based databases available to the UNH School of Law community. UNH Law is the only law school in the U.S. to have a dedicated IP Library and Librarian. It is the largest IP collection in the U.S., with holdings broad and deep. The IP Library holds not only a huge print collection, but a monumental collection of IP related databases for the use of our community and global visiting scholars.

The major law school platforms include Lexis, Westlaw and Bloomberg Law. Those platforms have IP content throughout their databases as well as dedicated IP databases. Those services allow users to search all content and filter to IP content or choose IP areas of content and search IP titles and collections. These additional dedicated IP database platforms facilitate research into many areas of IP and many types of content:

  • Primary legal sources
  • Secondary legal sources including hundreds of treatises and periodicals
  • News and current awareness
  • Streaming programs

For questions on these products, contact Professors Cavicchi or Hemstock.


Queen Mary Journal of Intellectual Property



Tech Transfer Central


The Licensing Letter


World Trademark Review





Bloomberg BNA


Copyright Law Journal


Copyright and New Media Law


Darts IP


Global IP


HeinOnline IP Library


Intellectual Asset Management (IAM)




Intelllectual Property Watch


Juris Notes .com


Law 360


Managing Intellectual Property