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 Man Sentenced in Michigan for Offering Software Programs for Free Downloading on "Hacker Hurricane" Web site

January 30, 2001

United States Attorney Saul A. Green announced that Brian Baltutat, 21, of Wyandotte, Michigan, was sentenced on January 30, 2001, in federal court to 3 years probation, home confinement, restitution, and community service. Baltutat was convicted of software copyright infringement.

Assistant United States Attorney Krishna S. Dighe, who prosecuted the case, stated that "Brian Baltutat pleaded guilty to software copyright infringement on October 12, 2000, before the Honorable Julian Abele Cook. Baltutat offered approximately 142 software programs for free downloading on a website called "Hacker Hurricane." Approximately 65,000 people logged onto the "Hacker Hurricane" website. Judge Cook sentenced Baltutat to 3 years probation, including 180 days of home confinement and a tether, restitution to software manufacturers, 40 hours of community service, and prohibited him from engaging in internet activity without approval of the Probation Department. Judge Cook also ordered Mr. Baltutat to notify all owners of computers he uses about his conviction."

Mr. Green commended the Federal Bureau of Investigation for its investigation.


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